Calling the Shots was formed in 1998 with an ambition to widen participation in the media from all demographic sectors. Over the years our ethos has attracted a range of fantastic people with a passion for combining the highest quality of communication with a generous collaborative spirit.
Our team has grown not just through creative media production but by working directly with people from a range of backgrounds and environments. From the corporate world of Honda UK to the primary school classrooms of North Somerset. From Channel 4 to the Stow Horse Fair
Work with us

Our Team

Steve Gear

Founder director Steve Gear started his career as a youth worker and photographer. After a stint as a VSO volunteer in Ghana, he set up Development Video, a production company specialising in information and training films for overseas development projects.

He has produced TV documentaries for Ghanaian Television, ITV West and WTN.  Steve is an experienced project manager and a Creative Partnerships advisor. At CTS, Steve manages most of our charity and education projects and enjoys getting his hands on the latest cameras when the opportunity arises.

Jeremy Routledge

Co-founder with Steve, Jeremy started off his career helping to run the Bristol 1980s music club the EEC Punk Rock Mountain. He then made pop promos, worked as a freelance editor and then documentary director for the BBC, Maverick TV and ITV West.

At Calling The Shots he’s produced films for BBC3, BBC4 and the UK Film Council and managed talent projects for Channel 4. He’s got a PG Diploma in Script Development from the National Film and Television School and is a Visiting Lecturer in Scriptwriting at the University of West of England.

Fawn Mead

Fawn is our Production Coordinator who developed an interest in production creating content for YouTube. Since graduating Bournemouth University she moved into Digital Media and has been involved in creating a variety of comedy series and feature films working as an Editor, Production Assistant and Assistant Producer at Channelflip (London) and Wildseed (Bristol).

Fawn has since joined the Calling the Shots team to focus primarily on the Random Acts project where she handles outreach, engagement and the overall coordination of the 3 year project.

Nick Sutton

Nick has been working in video production for over 15 years. He’s produced, written, directed and edited countless videos for the corporate, community and charity sectors. From big budget dramas for the likes of BT, RoSPA, The London Fire Brigade and The Metropolitan Police to small scale promos for local charities and community groups in London and in Bristol.

He loves working for Calling The Shots because there’s always a new challenge round the corner – filming, editing and running workshops  – with the and the subject matter constantly changing. Nick also plays drums in a band and is working on a screenplay.

Dominic Pitt

Dominic moved to Bristol in 2006 to study Animation at UWE and, since graduating 3 years later has freelanced for companies in and around bristol. He’s been working for Calling The Shots since 2012 helping to deliver youth workshops and as an editor, camera operator and from time to time, an animator.

Dominic has said he enjoys working with Calling The Shots whenever the opportunity arises. The variety of projects keeps things interesting and means there are always new people to meet. He is also a keen cyclist.

Thomas Bowes

Since graduating from Leeds College of Art after completing an interdisciplinary course in Art and Design, Tom has been keeping busy working on self funded film projects with a group of like minded filmmakers.

Tom joined Calling the Shots in 2015 and whilst continuing to develop his own practice, he takes the lead liaising between filmmakers on the Random Act’s project, and the CTS post production partners. Tom continues to take a keen interest in the visual arts and loves to travel.

Cathy Poole

Cathy Poole is our non-executive Director. She was a comprehensive school Head of English and Media who taught in the UK and Canada, then moved into cinema-based education, becoming first Education Officer, then a Strategic Manager at Watershed. She has experience in community arts, including as Education and Community Manager at the Curzon Cinema, Clevedon, and in linking schools and arts organisations.

A visiting lecturer at UWE and Bristol University, she tutored a British Film Institute online MA Module, and was a member of BFI’s Associate Tutor Advisory Panel. She became Director of Lifelong Learning at the Bristol University Drama Department. She is currently on Into Film’s Education Advisory Group, and has recently worked as a freelance project evaluator. She convenes the MovIES (Moving Image Education Specialists) network.

Andrew Buchanan

Andrew is a CTS board advisor and freelance executive producer. He brings us a wealth of experience gained from his 40 years in the media business. He has worked in theatre, feature films as a location manager, TV drama and more recently his speciality, developing and producing wildlife documentaries for the international market.

Andrew has a strong interest in sustainable TV and film and has mentored many documentary producers at the companies he has worked for and in Europe through Documentary Campus. He is also a trustee of Somerset Film, which provides digital media training and opportunities for the people and communities of Somerset.

Yvonne Chun

Yvonne is an Accountant, hailing from Sydney, Australia. Since 2008 she has provided her professional skills to Calling The Shots. Her background was in tax accounting with a stint working for Channel TV1 (Foxtel’s Pay TV in Oz) and for the wholesale travel & tourism business.

In 2008, Yvonne moved across the world to Bristol where she is enjoying living in the UK (even the cold weather!). Her favourite relaxation is watching classic screwball comedies from the 30’s & 40’s. She regularly practises Aikido & has a degree in Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture.