Meet Our Third Round of New Creatives!

Amidst the corona pandemic and the subsequent struggles many creatives are facing, we are pleased to announce some good news: our third round of New Creatives have been commissioned! We are supporting 21 audio projects and nine short films from across the South West. They will be working alongside Calling the Shots, Screen Cornwall, Kaleider, Somerset Film, Create Studios and Artful Scribe.  

The Round 3 projects will portray fresh perspectives on mindfulness, food poverty, living with autism, the Me Too movement, Welsh fairy tales and the Haitian origins of zombies. Plus much, much more.  

They will be working remotely on development with support from their mentors and will go into production as soon as it is safe to do so.  

Click on the profiles below to find out more about each New Creative and their project. 

Meet Our Second Round Of New Creatives!


Over the last six months we’ve been working on delivering the Round 1 projects for New Creatives, creating some of the most exciting and innovative work we’ve ever produced. We’re hoping to announce the publication and broadcast of these works over the coming months, but in the meantime we’re underway with Round 2!  Read more

Ted and Tamzin’s Week at Calling the Shots Work Experience

Ted and Tamzin – FILMS ‘N’ THAT

Hello, we are Tamzin and Ted.

We have been on a week long work experience at Calling the Shots in Spike Island, were we wanted to learn about what it’s like to work within a professional production company. During our time, we were able to visit the Calling the Shots production office, take a trip to IFNOTNOW Digital and visit Films@59 post-production house, in Clifton. Our task for the week, was to create a podcast, using our own voices and recorded interviews to talk about the different job roles within the film and video industry, as well as create promotional material like gifs and photo stills to upload to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to draw audiences towards our podcast.

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Meet Our New Creatives


We are pleased to announce our first round of New Creatives, these 16-30 year olds are located across the South West and are from diverse creative backgrounds. Over the next few months they will be creating 10 innovative audio works and 7 fresh film ideas for BBC Platforms.
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