Millie Wood-Downie – I Want To Be Good – Audio

I Want To Be Good is a Spoken Word audio piece inspired by an ‘All About Me’ book I completed as a child and later found as an adult. One of the questions asked was, ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up?’, and I answered ‘I want to be good.’ This piece is about questioning the instinctual want to be ‘good’ and the pressure felt needing to
live up to this standard.

Millie Wood-Downie is a theatre, poetry and performance maker based in Bristol. She graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Drama with Creative Writing in 2018 and went on to produce her own Theatre Company, Penultimate, which has won 2 awards. Her poems are reflective and personal stories of growing up as a female.

Instagram: @milliewooddownie
Facebook: @milliewooddownie