Skot Wilson – Burp – Audio

Burp is about a young scientist trying to save the planet – and the UK’s cattle farming industry – from inside a sealed tent with a burping cow.  It’s about feeding  your  cow seaweed instead of grass to prove that cows  can  be part of a green future (as long as they stop burping).  It’s got lots of science in. But it’s mainly about trying to save the things you love,  and  not entirely knowing how.  

Skot  Wilson is a writer and  science communicator  based in Devon, Dorset and sometimes at the Natural History Museum in London. He is a playwright attached to Bristol Old Vic and  is a recipient of  the Benjamin Franklin Literary Prize for writing about nature and discovery.  

His recent work includes  Kingdom (or, the Anthropocene) in Bristol Old Vic’s  Plays in Rep  season; and  Kraken, VAULT Festival 2020.  

His work interrogates our role in the climate crisis,  exploring  the efforts going on right now to  fight planetary collapse, which will  – hopefully – make  everything  better. Even cow burps.