Rachael Brown & Jessica Spiegler – A Rough Sketch how to Divide Britain – Film

This immersive fiction podcast explores how cityscapes are designed to normalise hostility towards rough sleepers: boulders, spikes, and benches that encourage only “short-stays.” It considers the power of social media in a conversation between a city, its public and the architect responsible for its creation.  

Jessica Spiegler is an undergraduate at Exeter University, where, as head of sound for the radio station, she does sound editing and foley for radio dramas and jingles. When creating new content, she focuses on satire and science, with an emphasis on how to make audio immersive.  

Rachael Brown is an undergraduate living in Exeter. She writes poetry, radio drama and is currently studying Upper-Palaeolithic communities in order to avoid her real major – English Literature. She writes about human relationships and recently finished a six-part series for Xpression FM.