Calling the Shots (CTS) are partnering with the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) and BBC R&D to offer an online creative development programme for 12 x 16-30-year-olds from across the South West plus the chance to be commissioned to produce work for BBC platforms. 

Through a 3-day intensive programme, selected creatives will work to rapidly develop ideas into practical proposals for online interactive content.  Creatives will receive a one off participation fee of £250. 

Support will be provided by professional mentors from the SWCTN and BBC producers to guide them through the process and provide support with collaboration and creative development.  

At the end of the process there will be a chance to pitch projects for a budget of up to £5000 for an interactive commission for BBC Arts, 

Application is via submission of an original idea for interactive experiences.  If you are enthusiastic, curious, driven and have something to say then we are interested in working with you. We positively encourage applications from all backgrounds, identities, abilities and cultures. 

Please read the below guidelines and the full creative brief for more details. 





What Type of Ideas Are We Looking For?

We are looking for ideas that excite us and engage audiences. 

We want to see creative and insightful ideas for new work that reflects in some way on the experience of living in modern Britain.  

Rather than necessarily thinking about ideas that explicitly deal with ‘Life under Lockdown’ or the specifics of the crisis as reported in the news, you may want to think about the “new normal” (whatever that strange phrase means to you), the near future, or you may want to deal with issues and themes that you feel have been swept aside and need talking about as we move on beyond the crisis, or that we have forgotten and need in order to move forward. We want you to respond to the world as you see it.     

You may explore text, film, animation, audio, spoken word, games, artefacts, objects, apps or websites. You may combine the physical with the online, you might use different forms of digital and non-communication to get audiences onboard – anything is possible. 

Use your imagination and excite us with new interactive experiences.  

Don’t worry if you do not know exactly how your project will be achieved, we will help you work this out during the development programme.  

If you have an existing idea that you think might be adapted to this programme, feel free to submit it but express how it could be developed further by way of interactivity.  

We will assess your idea on one or more of the below characteristics:  

  • Relevance: the idea and theme really matter to you and your community – however you might define it.   
  • Talkability: shareable content that gets people talking.  
  • Timeliness: ideas that impact people’s lives here and now.  
  • Originality: Content that innovates and hasn’t been seen this way before.  


  • Interactivity is not limited to any one particular platform. Think about the delivery system for your project and how it enhances the audience experience  
  • We want projects addressing subject matter that you are passionate about and you are interested in exploring.  
  • We are looking for interesting pieces that address the theme without being pure journalism or current affairs!  

What Is Included In The Support Package?

If your idea is selected and you are selected for the Creative Development Programme.  You will receive

  • The opportunity to be one of a cohort of 12 x BBC New Creatives from the South West. 
  • Half day introduction session from Calling the Shots and SWCTN.  
  • 3-day intensive creative development programme from SWCTN and BBC R&D.   
  • £250 participation fee for taking part in the New Creatives Interactive Development Programme.   
  • Professional mentoring and ongoing support from CTS, SWCTN and BBC R&D.  
  • Chance to apply with your developed idea for the commission budget of up to £5,000.  
  • A chance to create online interactive experiences for BBC platforms and beyond. 

Application Process

Application and Shortlisting

Submit your application via the Submittable Form before the deadline date.

Your application will be reviewed by Calling the Shots (CTS) and if shortlisted you will receive professional training and development for your idea.

To be a shortlisted New Creative does not guarantee that you will move on to the commissioning stage.

Training and Development

You will receive 3.5 days online training and professional development. The sessions will cover creative development, technologies, team working, collaboration, BBC Platforms.

You will receive additional training in self-branding, marketing and distribution.

You will have access to a professional mentor throughout the process.

Developed ideas can be pitched to BBC R+D, SWCTN and CTS for budgets of up to £5000.


Each commissioned New Creative project will work with a professional New Creatives Producer Mentor to help realise their project.

Commissioned Projects will be supported by SWCTN, CTS and BBC R+D

From signing the artist agreement, you will have 3 months in production, before delivery.


Finished work is delivered to BBC Arts and BBC R+D and may be selected for distribution on appropriate BBC Platforms.

We’ll look to identify the best platform for each idea.