Inez Skilling & Geronimo Bennington-Poulter – Why Do Butchers Close So Early? – Film

Why Do Butchers Close So Early is a film written by Geronimo Bennington-Poulter and directed by Inez Skilling. Told through 2D Animation, it is the story of a butcher consumed by the horror of his trade. Yet, through the sinister monologue, can a different, perhaps even more unsettling tale be unpicked?

Inez Skilling is an Animator and Illustrator based in Bristol. Mainly working in 2D Animation, she demonstrates empathic storytelling throughout a variety of subjects. Recently Inez has worked for ForMed Films, the BFI, the BBC and the AHRC.

Geronimo Bennington-Poulter is a writer and founder of Bloody Livid Theatre; which has brought shows such as Grace and How To Make Friends In Hollywood to Edinburgh, Norwich, Brighton and Prague Fringe festivals. His play Love Me A Lot was shortlisted for the Snoo Wilson prize in 2019.