Words of Wisdom – Random Acts Alumni

We’re halfway through our Random Acts commissions and have so far delivered eighteen fantastic films, with fifteen more in development. While we gear up for the applications for round four, here are some words of wisdom from our previous Random Acts filmmakers to new applicants.

issy_blogIssy Snailham – ‘Lux’

“My advice would be, spend time visualizing so you are sure in yourself on how you want things to be and don’t be afraid to stop and re-do something until you achieve this. Don’t take the experience for granted and absorb every piece of advice and information you get. I met plenty of people who would have given a lot to have this opportunity when they were younger.”






Aisha Sanyang Meek – ‘Hairitage’Aisha_blog

“Accept that things not going to plan & being tricky is part of the film progression. Expect it & laugh when it comes”








kristian_blogKristian Baxter – ‘Man of Sorrows’

“You and your cast and crew or want to achieve the same goal so trust them, and don’t forget to enjoy making your film”








Al_blogAl Hodgson – ‘Amethyst’

“Trust your mentor. Don’t get too worried if your idea develops from it’s initial vision, it’s all part of the process.”








ben_blogBen Tupper – ‘The Colour of Two or Three Things’

“Never be afraid to ask questions. You may hear a lot of unfamiliar technical words and phrases being used both on and off set so always ask if you’re unsure of what something means.”







rob_blogRob Franks – ‘CUBED’

“Things will change no matter what, so be open minded and listen to other people’s ideas to expand upon your own”








james_blogJames Lawrence – ‘Filters, Plaster, HIP’

“Be confident in your idea and continue its development constantly, for example by sharing with others to take on as many references as you desire”








sophie_blogSophie Malpas – ‘Ice Lolly Disco’

“Embrace the development process with your mentor. Discuss everything and all possibilities to bring your idea to life. Make loads of mood-boards and storyboards! Stay open to suggestions from those around you, a fresh input can often be the one that makes you aware of possible changes, and the key moment in the penny dropping.  Embrace all new skills you can learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions!”








Rosa Galvin – ‘Heaven Must be Missing an Angel’

“Don’t be afraid of having big ideas. It is amazing how much people are connected and want to be involved in the creative process to help achieve your best work”








chris_blogChris Price – ‘Me and My Lungs’ 

“Don’t be too precious with your work. Take advice, criticism and feedback from everyone there to help. The mentors certainly know their stuff so use that experience to elevate your ideas.”







To apply for Random Acts click here, next closing date 24th October 2016