Frequently Asked Questions

This page should help with most questions, but if you still have questions, please call 07968764753 and we will be happy to help.

What happens during the week?

The programme is different every day. We start with a full day of trying out new techniques. We’ll run sessions looking at pixilation, working with a wire frame armature and hand drawn animation.  We will also be doing sessions on story devising and scriptwriting. We’ll send you a kit of parts to make your own animation armature and you’ll learn about how to understand how animate objects move. We will also lay on a variety of talks with practicing professionals who will give you an understanding of their careers and how they started out in the industry. We spend one session discussing progression routes – helping you to think about your own next steps to join the animation industry. We’re going to be working with UWE School of Animation and Aardman Animations during the week and we’ll be giving you ‘behind the scenes’ access to their studios and workshops.   

What have past students got out of the scheme?

All past students become part of the BFI’s alumni scheme and get some fantastic help and exclusive opportunities for getting started in the UK film industry. Many of our course participants go on to study animation at university or take up apprenticeships in the industry.

How does the Bursary work?

The fee for the online animation course is £50, which covers all the tuition and the kit of materials we will be sending out to all participants. We don’t ask for any fee until we have looked at the applications and chosen the participants. Once you have been allocated a place, we’ll be in touch and it’s at that point you can apply for a bursary to cover your fee or childcare. It is important that no student should feel excluded because they can’t afford the cost.

Bursary for fees

The fee of £50 may discourage applications, so we have a bursary fund that can cover the course costs for anyone facing financial difficulty.

Bursary for childcare

Some young people will have caring responsibilities. We are also able to offer bursaries to enable alternative arrangements and to ensure everyone is able to participate fully in the course.

How competitive is it to get in?

We always receive more applications than the 25 places we have. We want to work with people who have made some definite steps towards a career in this industry. This means experimenting on their own, taking relevant courses, researching work experience and practicing their skills. You will need to show this on your application form.

Long term support?

We will keep in touch for at least 6 months and provide you with a range of opportunities. This will include festival dates, training schemes, bursaries, competitions, networking events etc. This will be done through FaceBook and email.

Special needs?

We encourage applications from people who have a variety of needs and have catered in the past for people in wheelchairs, hearing impaired, autism and a range of other common issues. Please get in touch to discuss any special needs you may have, call 07968 764753.

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