Cassandra Wicks & Batool Zaidi – Relearning My Name – Audio

Relearning My Name is a docu-drama that uses real interviews with students to explore the racial prejudice and crisis of identity that a girl of South Asian descent experiences as a second-generation immigrant in the British school system. It acts as a lens to the wider social issues of Britain.

Batool is a widely travelled and culturally experienced writer. She spent most of her secondary schooling in the UK. Through Relearning My Name she hopes to bring awareness of these issues and begin a chain reaction to create a change in the attitudes she faced in her schooling career.

Cassie Wicks is a writer and A level student who is passionate about social justice. She has written short stories, poems and scripts and is a member of the Mayflower Young Writers. She has directed several short films. She spends her free time talking about her cat on Twitter, @CassieDymoke.