Daisy Days: A week working at Calling the Shots

I’m Daisy and I’m a year 10 student at Ashton Park School, this week I was doing work experience at Calling The Shots.

I’m interested in media especially photography. I wanted to see what goes behind the media shown to us, particularly in an office setting. I also wanted to become more familiar with cameras and how they work.

For Monday I started the week by going through the timetable of what I would be doing for the week I was here. I was then briefed on health and safety and the project i would be doing. For the project I recorded what I did at Calling The Shots and took photos of what had been happening around me. To help me start this project I was shown the camera I was using and how to use it. I then practiced taking photos outside to experiment with different types lighting and how to change the settings around the lighting.
I also looked through the videos they had been making to have an idea of the range of content produced. I then took screenshots of some of the most recent films that would be later used for marketing purposes.

On Tuesday I was “on location” all day at Dyrham park. I got to see the actual filming of one of the films. We followed around a group of people taking part in a project called “Bridging the Gap” which helps build connections between Stakeholders and Creative Practitioners. They filmed the activities and conversations done through out the day and then interviewed some of them to hear their view on both the day and the programme in general. I took a few photos of them filming and learnt more about how to better focus the camera.

On Wednesday I started by watching a recent short film and took some screenshots of the film and organising the screen grabs from Monday and moving them all to a different drive.
I then learnt how to make templates for marketing and the different shortcuts used. I produced the templates on photoshop and learnt how to switch in other images as well. I then went through the images taken on Tuesday and selected the best ones.

Thursday, I followed a workshop run by Calling The Shots and Room 13 that was reaching out to people from the Hareclive Youth Centre that might be interested in applying for the Random Acts project. The Random Acts project gives the opportunity for people aged 16-24 who live in the South West to make a short film and be mentored through the process.
First they were given an introduction to what the day would involve. They played a short game and then walked around Bristol to get to know the area better. Then they made sculptures out of clay and talked about what it meant to them.
After lunch they were shown some short films made by people close in age and after were given the opportunity to ask questions about them. Lastly they discussed their own ideas for a short film and talked about the opportunities that the Random Acts programme offers and how to apply.
After the workshop was over I uploaded the photos from the day onto a drive and picked out a few to be put on twitter.

Friday was my last day with Calling The Shots and I worked on the project. I went through the photos I took and selected some to help describe the day and then I wrote what I had done for the rest of the week. I then took some photos of the office and people working on different things.

It was cool to see the work that goes on behind the scenes, not just filming but the other programmes Calling The Shots is involved with. I enjoyed seeing the process involved in creating short films even though film making is not something I’d see myself doing,however a job in media does seem very appealing.

At the end of the week I had learnt more about cameras, Calling The Shots, and that there are more components behind media content than you’d expect.

Written by Daisy Cox