EACH – Education Action Challenging Homophobia

What is gender?

CTS have just worked with EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia)(http://www.each.education/) and Off the Record Bristol, (http://www.otrbristol.org.uk/) to create ‘What is Gender?’ a film for schools to promote understanding of gender identity and to challenge bullying.

The project, funded through the Government Equalities Office, saw a team of young people who identify as trans or gender questioning, meet with the CTS team to explore what message they wanted the film to convey and then to look at how that message should be put across. This workshop indicated an interest in exploring a two-pronged approach, using a combination of animation and documentary filming.

CTS brought in animator Adrianna Meirelles to give the group an idea of the possibilities and the group worked on a storyboard that Adrianna went on to turn into four minutes of animation. The team also did a production workshop to develop the skills to operate professional film kit and went on to film a series of  interviews with contributors ready to talk about their own journeys to explore their gender….

The finished film, combining the interviews and animated sequences, will be used in schools to promote and support understanding of gender identity and challenge transphobic bullying and was previewed with an audience of teachers and school students at Gordano school on 16th March.

“[The film was] thought provoking and helps you to understand the issues of gender. [It was] Casual but educational. Informative not aggressive. Great animations. Engaging and helpful.” – Student delegate

Developing the film has been a great process for the CTS team. All the young people have been really passionate about raising awareness of the issues raised and the team from EACH and OTR have shown real commitment to supporting the young people involved. As always, it’s also been a pleasure also to work with Adrianna again who brings a creative flair and insight to all her work.

The film and accompanying resources will be officially launched on the EACH website on the 31st of March,  the International Transgender Day of Visibility.