How to commit Random Acts

We’re looking for all kinds of different ideas, expressed through whatever art form or creative activity you’re inspired by. It could be…

photography, poetry, dance, fine art, animation, theatre, graffiti, music, film and ANY COMBINATION of each!

Here are some tips on writing your pitch…1. Make your ideas as visual as possible, because it’s a film, NOT radio!

Random Acts is all about being playful, experimental and…visual! Even if your idea is based on a poem for instance, we need to see that the visuals are as important as the sound. Ideally, they would be completely connected.

2.  Ask yourself, what will the audience see? What will the audience hear?

Sometimes we get ideas that describe dialogue or just explain the reasons why people want to make a film. These can be useful, but what we REALLY want is a blow-by-blow account of what we’ll see and hear…

3.  Do you have any visual references that will help us get the idea

Although the idea is the most important factor in deciding who makes a Random Act, we are looking for people who are passionate and committed to making a film. Help us by including links or pictures that inspired you to think of the idea.

4.  Have you been involved in any kind of creative activity before? Boast about it!

Random Acts is not all about filmmakers. Let us know what kind of arts inspire you, what kind of activities you have taken part in your spare time or at school or college.

5.  Remember you DON’T need to be a film maker, you just have to have a good idea.

You really don’t! See our stories about previous filmmakers for the proof!

6.  Have a look at other Random Acts for inspiration…

It doesn’t hurt to do a little research on the kinds of things that work for Random Acts so check out the Youtube channel for all the latest films from across the UK.

Good Luck!

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