Know Your Bristol On The Move

After over two years of frantic activity, we’ve finally wrapped on this massive and, I think, influential project.

To set the scene in 2014…we non-academic filmy types were invited in to help the University of Bristol connect with a diverse group of communities around Bristol. The idea was for University researchers to work with local people to uncover culture and heritage that would be useful for academic study as well as being beneficial to the local communities.

We acted as creative consultants to the researchers, as well as producing well over 20 short video blogs about workshops and activities including contemporary art shows, music gigs, school visits, street parties and TV archives.

It was a bit of a culture shock moving from an essentially pragmatic production background (i.e. problem solving!) to an academic research project (i.e. asking questions!). However, it was also massively impressive the way the Universtiy researchers engaged so practically and passionately with diverse communities across the city. Memories include the young people from Hartcliffe interviewing Dehvan Othieno from legendary roots band, Talisman or at least two professors knee-deep in revellers at a North Bristol street party.

It really felt like two worlds were colliding and actually getting along quite well.

One really exciting development from the project was a new app and website called Map Your Bristol. Map Your Bristol lets you see Bristol like an onion-skin -, with each map layer showing a different era. ip2adr . expiration of domains find a domain You can add your own experiences, memories, walks and films. relevant domains . It’s utterly brilliant.

At the end of the project we produced a series of animations that explain some of the more complex questions at the heart. These beautiful films were made using cut outs by our friend and collaborator, Adriana Mereilles.

What is Co-Production?

Why Map History Together?

Where is Bristol’s History?