Meet Filmmaker and New Creative, Anna Mouzouri

Anna Mouzouri is a third-year Film Student, with a passion for getting across important issues in a humorous and surrealist way.   She has directed three short films, with her last documentary being nominated at the Royal Television Society’s Student Awards. Her latest piece, Fruity is a no-dialogue coming of age short comedy about a lonely lesbian plagued with intrusive thoughts of fruit whenever she attempts to masturbate.

We interviewed Anna to find out what it’s like being a part of the BBC New Creatives scheme. Keep scrolling to learn more.

How did you get onto the New Creatives programme? 

I applied in 2019 with a different project and was shortlisted but I didn’t get commissioned. The producers provided me with very useful feedback and although I was still downhearted, I then applied again the following round. I couldn’t have done it without attending a one to one meeting with Calling the Shots to discuss the idea. It’s important to read the brief and cater your project to that.

What was the programme like? 

It was amazing and very useful. The training sessions were great, especially in Marketing. I thought I knew enough about social media and writing about my project, but it benefitted me way more than I thought. It’s cool enough to be commissioned by BBC and have that platform, but having professionals with you the whole time in case you needed any help with paperwork (Trello! yay,) weekly advice on my script – it helped everything go SO insanely smooth.

What was the mentoring process like? 

The mentoring process and what I learnt is something that I’ll take through the industry with me forever. It was my personal highlight from the scheme. It is such a great thing that New Creatives scheme and Calling the Shots in particular offer – I didn’t expect it to be as helpful as it was.

What did you take away from the experience? E.g skills

Working within a crew on a professional level is an important skill I learnt, keeping everyone updated with the film, keeping everyone together, making sure everyone has the information they need. I did things I’d never done before, like when I have casted actors in the past, I did via groups etc. But this time I used a Casting Director and dealt with agents. I also feel much more confident in scriptwriting. I wouldn’t of been able to get to this point without my mentor Alice Seabright. I always had zero confidence in this, but her consistent help and encouragement was so great.

Has the New Creatives scheme helped you further your career? 

Completely. I feel more prepared for the industry, especially from the training sessions, and I’m also ready to pitch my ideas to others. I’m ready to make more and more content – my next step is to find funding and collaborators for my next project which I’m excited about.

What message would you have for others considering a scheme like this? 

Do it! It’s such a great opportunity. Giving young creatives a platform is so important and I love seeing what everyone else does with the opportunity. It’s also great to expand your network of creative friends and potential collaborators outside of University courses, work and school. I’ve met some great people.

Find out more about Anna’s work, below.

Instagram: @annamouzouri


Twitter: @mouzourianna