Elinor Lower

Project Title – [BREATHE] [WAVE]

There’s nothing more cathartic than shouting into gale-force wind, or more “cleansing” than ducking below the surface of the freezing-cold sea. The Victorians were wrong about a lot of stuff (truly, so much stuff), but oh mate, were they were right about the Sea Cure—being on the beach feels great, even, when the weather sucks (especially when the weather sucks?). Blending vocalisation, song, text and field recordings of wind and waves, [BREATHE] [WAVE] is a soundscape that absorbs human noise into the mythic world of the wild coast, and invites you to slow down, reflect, and take a breath.

About Elinor –

Elinor Lower is a Bristol-based theatre maker, writer and dramaturg. Across her work, her interests lie in pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed on stage, playing with noise and comedy and mess and improvisation, always working
collaboratively with others. She’s also very into the sea. She works extensively with other young people of all ages facilitating devised and scripted theatre, and is a member of Rising Arts Agency, a collective of young creatives using art to advocate for and affect change. [BREATHE] [WAVE] is her first audio creation.