Hannah Earl

Project Title – A Toast To The Old Apple Tree.

“A Toast To The Old Apple Tree” will explore the ancient tradition of wassailing, it’s place in modern Britain and the juxtaposition this creates. The word wassail has its roots in the old English for “your health” and the tradition is based around the blessing of apple trees to ensure a good harvest. Wassails are generally noisy events and involve music, shouting and sometimes the banging together of kitchen implements. They produce a rich tapestry of sound which I aim to utilise in this project, alongside interviews and relevant soundscapes.

About Hannah –

Hannah is a music graduate from Royal Holloway University of London. Upon leaving University, she decided to continue with her music by teaching and gigging, while pursuing a new interest in media, and spent three months with Somerset Film as their bursary student. She is now working on some of her own projects and is very much looking forward to combining her love of media with that of the more bizarre areas of music and its history.