Isobel Adderley and Alex Arcoleo

Project Title – Pregnant Pause.

I have a smaller version of myself, inside my tubes, inside my veins, inside my bones, nestled in the marrow. She clenches inside my windpipe, her cells are unable to hold themselves together outside of my atmosphere, where they would burst out of the membrane of her body and reduce her to another elemental state. She is too full, too semisolid. Living in a tubular chrysalis where she is able to remain halfway between solid and liquid, a blurry jelly only quivering. A premature opening of my skin can awaken in her a need for a definite form, she’ll be shocked and she’ll look at me angrily, but very quickly her form will dissolve, becoming soft and she’ll buckle under the weight of the air and eventually travel out of me as an exhalation of breath.

Not poetry, not conversation, not a story. But all of them, at once. One sound. Or many. Or both.

About Alex –

Alex Arcoleo is a composer & producer who writes music for film and TV, as well as his own records. Over the past few years, he has written music for clients including BMW, Honda, Formula 1, Hypebeast, Warner Brothers, Puma, Vice, Dove, ILLY, Lacoste, Tasty & many more.

About Isobel –

The flicker between two states is important to Isobel Adderley. Words which mean different things; erratic – a movement or behavior and a glacially moved rock in a landscape. Words which when said could be mistaken for different meanings, tail – belonging to an animal or instead a story. Cusp, the transition between two different states, or the pointed end of a tooth. Similar to these words Isobel’s practice examines how to be BOTH. Both still and moving, soft and hard, person and object.