Izzy Mooney

Project Title – Stitching, Kneeling.

The film is a documentary-short looking
at the hand stitched kneelers of St Peters Church in the village of Tewin and the people who made them. These kneelers reveal a rich tapestry of life, craft and skill amongst the quiet congregation. Painstakingly cross stitched over many hours, there are kneelers
for any occasion, any person, any time; whether they be in remembrance, celebration, faith, or community. This film attempts to archive this craft, one which survives in so many parishes across Britain.

About Izzy –

I’m a Fine Art student in my final year studying at UWE. I have a multidisciplinary practice, spanning across film, sculpture, painting and print. My works attempt to access a collective memory of the relationships formed with materials and processes; I’m interested in the social history of objects and in particular their institutional, religious or sovereign values.