Jonny Hibbs

Project Title – CattleGrid!

Ever wondered where the street kids go to play when the nearest street is thirty miles away?
‘CattleGrid!’ is an eccentric, laugh-out-loud comedy that showcases rural life as it has never been showcased before!
After the introduction of a new dating app ‘CattleGrid’, specifically designed for country-folk to become less lonely in their isolated pockets of the world, everything goes pear-shaped, leaving not-so-country-bumpkins Al and Sam to tumble through some difficult encounters when attempting to find modern love.
Expect bucketloads of under-age drinking, a terrified sheep and a whole lot of mud.

About Jonny –

I’m Jonny Hibbs, a sixteen year old writer and actor currently in full-time education at Mount Kelly. I’ve been making the most of having parents that are willing to taxi me around the country, it seems, getting myself involved in many awesome projects that Devon and the South-West has to offer it’s young people. Most recently, I’ve been taking part with the Grass-Roots come Award-Winning youth theatre company, The Young Pretenders – working towards hitting the Exeter Phoenix with a brand-new comedy in May. I’m thrilled that young voices are being appropriately celebrated with New Creatives!