Katie Beard and Naomi Turner

Project Title – Scapelands

The divide between urban environments and rural areas is both physical and psychological. Scapelands WORKING TITLE is a short dance film that explores our primal connections with nature and the effect of urban living on the human mind.

About Katie and Naomi –

Katie and Naomi met at the University of Exeter where they found a common interest in dance film and intermedial practice leading them to form their creative company LeMoon.Seamlessly fusing film, dance and music their work is multi-sensory, intimate and human, often drawing on sociocultural ideas, personal experiences and connections to place. Their latest short dance film WAKE, which examines contemporary attitudes to grief, is due for release later this year.

Naomi is a theatre and filmmaker based in Exeter. She currently works at the Exeter Phoenix under two capacities; programming theatre and dance, and publicity. She is also a soul singer-songwriter (with the occasional gig) and plays netball in the Exeter League.

Katie is a theatre/filmmaker and actress based in London. She is currently performing with an exciting immersive theatre company and can often be found gigging around the London stand-up comedy circuit. Aside from performing she fills her time working as a freelance videographer and editor.