Okori Lewis Mccalla

Project Title – A Fashion Show

An abstract metaphorical depiction of my perspective on the “black experience” that was, I guess somewhat ironically, inspired by high end fashion. Highlighting what I describe as the black spectacle – also the double standard in society, I took inspirations from Black Mirror, Nirvana, Rorschach paintings and films such as Get Out and Moonlight. The string that ties all my inspirations, and hopefully the film, together is revelation, not in a biblical sense but in a sense of ‘things are not what they at first seem’. It’s just a matter of perspective – and this is mine.

About Okori –

My Name is Okori Shakir Lewis-McCalla. I was born in Bristol and studied Marketing at LAIBS (Cambridge). In my third year of Uni I created a campaign for a small company and directed my first advert for them in London – that’s when I knew I loved it. I then dived into directing/creative directing – It’s like a language for me, it’s how I express myself. The dream is to move and touch thousands of people with what I make and then make the transition from a creative into something bigger. A job creator and a visionary, to inspire and have an impact that extends beyond myself.