Owain Astles

Project Title – Detention.

‘Detention’ is a short immersive documentary about life inside a Young Offender’s Institution. The UK youth prison system is suffering an epidemic of mental health problems, self-harm and suicide, and yet it goes unnoticed. Centred around the testimonies of young people that have been ‘banged up’, the film is a poetic, immersive exploration of the mental and emotional experience of youth incarceration.

About Owain –

I’m a freelance filmmaker, photographer and activist based in Bristol. Most of the work I do focuses around raising the voice of underrepresented or marginalised people and communities. A common theme in my films is blending styles to tell real-life stories and educate about real-world issues. I like to use my skills and background in documentary-making to create films that are real and political, but that at the same time build a world and characters of their own, blurring the lines between documentary and fiction.