Simon Dawson

Project Title – Wood for the Trees

When four retirees realise they are lost in the woods, Carol attempts to use her new smartphone to find a way out of the darkness, inadvertently beginning a social media live stream instead. Oblivious to the presence of a gathering online audience, the situation quickly devolves as panic sets in, relationship issues rise to the surface, and just where did the home button go? Wood for the Trees is a black comedy satirising themes of the generation gap, disillusionment, and genuine anxiety over technology, social media and the wider future to communicate the absurd and uneasy headspace of 2019 Britain.

About Simon –

I am a graduate filmmaker from Wiltshire, making films to scratch my itch of creating compelling images, affecting audiences and provoking thought and conversation.
With my New Creatives project, I hope to balance snappy absurdist humour with my dark, horror-tinged sensibilities to linger with the audience beyond the few minutes of screen time. Working to build a career in media, I am excited to be for this opportunity to develop my filmmaking and as a platform for people to see and engage with the film, and for me, there are not many more rewarding things in the world than that!