Theo Watkins

Project Title – An Investigation Into Consistent Parking Violations in West Ulsham.

‘Ivan Gallows is a formidable, hard-hitting investigative journalist and courageous seeker of the truth. He is committed to uncovering the dark forces that secretly govern and control our planet, often selflessly putting himself in the line of fire in the process. Without his bravery, insight and considerably above-average intelligence, the world would be a much more dangerous place.’ — from Ivan’s website.

The problem is, Ivan’s job as a roving reporter on a local radio station is a huge waste of his self-proclaimed ‘talent’, tasking him exclusively with mundane local issues to report on. Although this week, the issue of missed bin collections is proving more layered and sinister than it might first appear.

About Theo –

Theo Watkins is a filmmaker often working in and around the comedy genre as a writer-director. He has made the short film ‘I Saw The Beast’ through the Channel 4 Random Acts scheme, as well as directing the recent dark comedy short ‘Service’ from his IMDB Script To Screen Award-winning screenplay. He also works as a director of music promotions.