Thom Hobbs

Project Title – 19th February

Some say that grief comes in waves, but that would suggest a rhythm, making it predictable and identifiable as, grief. I feel no rhythm in my grief for the loss of my mother to Cancer. While they say that ‘Life goes on’, a basic truth, that does not excuse the consequences of feeling ‘Outside of myself’ and viewing life with an acutely altered perspective. Often I’m here, with everyone, living life to the fullest. Sometimes however, I am not. Silence, muted sounds and distortion in the bubble of a closed, grieving mind. A cacophony of dissolution and sadness prevails.

About Thom –

“Working in any creative strand in the industry requires you to be incredibly flexible and dynamic in your ‘role’. I introduce myself as an ideas person. I work for Create Studios as a Production Assistant, with an education in graphic design, but with a love of photography, film and sound. At Create, I fulfil my role in a magnitude of ways. This allows me to edit, shoot, record, capture and produce. The BBC New Creatives project will give me the opportunity for creative expression without the bounds of client brief, and allow me to fully relive and rationalise the events of the 19th February through the creation of audio.”