Tilly Washer

Project Title – Still To Come

‘Still To Come’ will look at the pressure that society and young people put on themselves regarding their future. The title coming from the description of future (future; time regarded as still to come).
This project will act as a platform for young people in Modern Britain to voice their opinions, their worries and their stresses about deciding their futures so young. It’ll look into the problems that young people face, but so often don’t feel like they can talk about. And, hopefully, by creating this project it will help young people suffering in silence, to know that they are not alone.

About Tilly –

Hi! My name is Tilly and I mainly work in Digital Media Design, where I focus on fields such as Graphic Design and Web Designing. It wasn’t until the past year or so when I took part in the BFI Film Academy with Somerset Film, that I discovered my love for film, in particular digital video editing!
Since completing the BFI Film Academy I’ve worked on editing for a variety of independent films and videos, and am really excited to finally be able to step away from the computer screen and bring an idea of mine to life with ‘Still To Come’!