Prince Taylor

Project Title –
Black Boys Cry

A collection of audio stories that attempt to challenge the social representation of Black Men, by painting a fuller picture of our emotional experience. It presents emotional complexities that are often ignored when discussing our wellbeing. These moving audio
stories will come from the real lives of Black Men, detailing moments that may have shaped their emotional development. Black Boys Cry will feature interviews of Black Men and turn their testimonies into carefully crafted podcasts. Their stories are re-created using writers, soundscapes and musical scores to build an immersive empathetic experience.

About Prince –

A multidisciplinary artist, creative producer and youth support worker born and raised in South London. Now based in Bristol I work across film, audio, publishing and talent development, through a residency at the Pervasive Media Studio. I grew up moving between a prestigious private school and a low income working class family of 1st generation immigrants from Ghana. This experience has influenced my work, inspiring me to tell stories that dig deeper beneath the surface of what we see at face value, challenging myself and all those around me to ask questions, look for answers and fight for positive change.