Zander Mavor

Project Title – Living In A Box.

An intimate observational portrait, in sound, of student and musician Max Rzepka. At 26, he lives alone in a caravan five miles outside Fort William, manages university pressures whilst fighting for settled status, yet he’s happier than he’s ever been.
Interviews, conversations, field recordings, music and sound design capture the daily realities of Max’s chosen way of life and what it illuminates about the bigger ideas at play: making a home somewhere, the assumptions we might make about millennial life or about immigration and how we respond to those who don’t conform to ‘normal’ ways of living.

About Zander –

I’m Zander Mavor, a producer, sound designer and musician based in Bristol. I started off as a sound assistant on feature films and TV before setting up my own small production company Bracken Films in 2015 where I produced and created short-form documentaries and web content. Bracken wound down at the start of 2018 and since then I’ve been focusing on my freelance work be it location recording, audio post-production or soundtrack composition. I’m incredibly excited to be part of the New Creatives initiative and hope it could be the start of a career in producing for radio and podcasts.