Meet Our Second Round Of New Creatives!


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Over the last six months we’ve been working on delivering the Round 1 projects for New Creatives, creating some of the most exciting and innovative work we’ve ever produced. We’re hoping to announce the publication and broadcast of these works over the coming months, but in the meantime we’re underway with Round 2! 

We’re pleased to announce our second round of New Creatives who’ll be creating 11 audio pieces, 12 short films and 2 interactive projects for BBC Platforms before the end of the year. The New Creatives are based all across the South West and will be supported by Calling the Shots, Screen Cornwall, Somerset Film, Watershed and Kaleider.

We’ll be hearing young people’s take on the Cornish language, uncovering the mysterious world of Elver fishing and exploring the complexities of cancellation culture. Our interactive commissions are new for this Round; who’ll be making prototypes using future facing technology, such as 360 fulldome and location-based sound exhibition.

We’ll bring you more news and updates as they start production, keep an eye on our social channels and news section


Click on each profile to read a bit more on our New Creatives and their projects.