David Torre

Project Title – Noise

Noise is a short CG animated film that aims to make the viewer aware of how much useless stuff we go through while using the internet both at work and during our free time: Gary has had too much of the internet’s endless stream of useless content. It has all blended into a noise that has driven him crazy and taken him into a strange world where he is now on a quest to liberate his brain from the abuse. Unexpectedly, you, were part of it all along.

About David –

I come from graphic design and illustration and I’m now on my 3rd year studying animation at UWE Bristol. My focus is on creating stories from ideas and concepts to give the viewer a new perspective that will add value to their vision. And to do it always with a good sense of humor. I make comics to practice story-telling and post them regularly on my ig @daybiz, check them out!