Issy Franklin & Ravi Doubleday

Project Title – Trigger Bang

This narrative short follows a young intern as she battles to stay culturally relevant, against the wrath of a gen-z teenager and singer-turned-influencer, who have instigated a brutal social media ‘Cancellation’ of the singer she has booked for her company’s event. This short seeks to evoke an empathetic form of independent thought that opposes the mob mentality, hysteria of internet abuse and idolisation of artists that marks ‘Cancel Culture’.

About Issy –

Issy Franklin is a filmmaker, currently studying her A Levels in Gloucestershire. Over the past year, she has written and directed on both BFI Edinburgh Residential and Regional Bristol schemes, as well as writing and directing her own shorts. Within her own work, she looks to explore the ever-changing influence of technology on relationships, as well as sexuality and gender politics, having recently spoken at the United Nation’s 63rd Convention on the Status of Women.

About Ravi –

Ravi Doubleday is a cinematographer, who will be studying Film at the University of Westminster on a scholarship this September. He has studied at the NFTS with the BFI Academy, as well as regionally in Bristol, in addition to working as a BTS photographer on a feature film and a runner at Working Title.