Mattie O’Callaghan

Project Title – Embracing Wild Waters

This audio project is a poetic immersion into wild, cold waters that seem to at first bring pain and darkness. Yet, by embracing them we can find joy and deep connection to our bodies and environments. The sea is symbolic of my own personal experiences of hypermobility syndrome, body-image, and mental health. For ignoring uncomfortableness and pain, has led to us controlling our bodies to serve society’s expectations, and dominating the natural environment to serve society’s needs. Only by accepting ourselves, can we become more in tune to treat each other and our environments with more respect.

About Mattie –

Mattie is a Geography student at the University of Cambridge who spends her time writing poetry in between gym sets and researching Inuit art in book cafés. She is passionate about pursuing a career in both academia and curation, using the personal medium of art to connect research to wider societal issues. In future creative projects, she want to express how the personal is political through publishing her poetry, promoting change through feminist stand-up comedy, and inspiring activism through curating environmental art exhibitions.