Rory Bray Harper

Project Title – Rory’s Alternative Guide To Tehidy Woods

Rory’s alternative guide to Tehidy Woods is an audio project based in and around Tehidy woods in Cornwall. Buckle up for a psychedelic journey to The Pond, Snake Bridge, The North Cliffs, Otter Bridge, the lakes and the Tree With Ribbons.

Local artist Rory will take on the voice of his Hollywood alter ego, Bradley J Cruise to guide listeners in this fantastic journey of wonder.

Rory’s Bradley J Cruise’s character is inspired by famous wildlife and adventuring presenters such as David Attenborough and Bear Grills.

About Rory –

I am a young artist/musician living in Camborne, Cornwall and have my own studio at Krowji, in Redruth, where I work with facilitator and artist Alice Mahoney on print-based and 3D sculptures. I have worked on creative projects with APEX Arts, exhibited at Krowji for open studios and I also have my own radio show with KMF Radio. I have recently made two sets of books, one is called Fantastic Machines and the others are called Mythical Creatures – books 1 & 2. These contain images of creatures and machines from my imagination with brief descriptions.

I enjoy writing song titles for imaginary songs and have exhibited these with APEX as part of Inland Art Festival. The song titles are a poetic way for me to express my thoughts.

I also enjoy writing real songs and experimenting with sounds. I have written and produced my own album together with musician Herbie Walker.

With APEX and also with artist and musician Stuart Blackmore I have created music and made interactive sound sculptures. I have also worked with artist Tony Minion to create screen prints on T-shirts and bags.