Tom Ridley & Isla Badenoch

Project Title – ELVER

ELVER is a surreal film that explores the secretive world of the ‘Elver (baby-eel)’ and a community of fishermen. ELVER recreates the moonlit riverbanks of the rural south-west into a dreamscape that both records and mimics the mysterious mythical world of a vanishing creature and cultural tradition.

About Tom –
Tom Ridley is a Bristol-based sound designer, composer and producer, responsible for beautiful sonic experiences enjoyed by millions around the world. He has notably lead global tech firm Dyson in their product sound strategy, and his interest with the abstract merges with the immediacy of great songwriting in art-rock project Poisonous Birds, co-writing with shock-pop singer ZAND and curating a roster of left-field talent via label/collective Be Softly.

About Isla –

Isla Badenoch is a documentary filmmaker and visual artist. She programmes film festival Sheffield Doc/ Fest, has written articles for The Guardian, produced audio installations for London’s Science Museum and is a member of BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 2019. Isla has a curiosity for people and the quiet stories that surround us. Her work challenges cultural stigmas through creating atmospheric, semi-autobiographical art and filmmaking that merge documentary and fiction to question conventions and defy stereotypes.