New Creatives: Behind the scenes of ‘BREADLINE’ by Helena Middleton

Join Helena Middleton behind the scenes of BREADLINE: a dance/movement film about food poverty.  Although the UK is the seventh richest country in the world, many people struggle to afford food. Set in a young couples kitchen, BREADLINE uses dance and movement as a new way of shining light on this urgent issue.

Helena is a Bristol based film and theatre director. She makes collaborative, devised theatre and bold, intimate films about 21st century living. Find out more about her work at

Director: Helena Middleton

Performers: Christoper Harrisson and Hanora Kamen

Cinematography: Simon Whitehead

Choreography: Dan Canham at Still House

Production Design: Tanya Stephenson

Behind the Scenes stills: Marta Vitiello

Producer: Sophie Freeman