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Clifford by Corinne Walker 2020

Hilarious short film and audio from the South-West


Anoraks by Miles Sloman

Arthur & Gwen are siblings, they’re also obsessive Cornish re-enacters on a quest.  

6 mins

Twitter/Instagram @milessloman  

Ivan Uncovers by Theo Watkins

Ivan’s job as a roving reporter on a local radio station is a huge waste of his self-proclaimed ‘talent’, tasking him exclusively with mundane local issues to report on. Although this week, the issue of missed bin collections is proving more layered and sinister than it might first appear. 

13 mins

Twitter @theowatkins

Instagram @thesmilford 

Clifford by Corinne Walker

Clifford, 70, endures a meeting with his millennial housemates in this 90s sitcom 

8 mins

Twitter/Instagram @corinneswalker

Stoma: The Musical by Scott Hurley

Stoma: The Musical tells the story of Joe and his stoma, Colin. 

10 mins

Twitter: ScottJAHurley 

Instagram: hurleyscottj 

Cattlegrid! by Jonny Hibbs

After the introduction of a new dating app ‘CattleGrid’, specifically designed for country-folk to become less lonely in their isolated pockets of the world, everything goes pear-shaped, leaving not-so-country-bumpkins Al and Sam to tumble through some difficult encounters when attempting to find modern love.  

12 mins

Twitter: @EchoReflectionM

Facebook: @jonnyhibbsmedia 

Why Do Butchers Close So Early? by Inez Skilling

The story of a Butcher consumed by the horror of his trade. Yet, through the sinister monologue, can a different, perhaps even more unsettling tale be unpicked? 

4 mins

Instagram: @inezskilling