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More hilarious short film and audio from the South-West


My Dad Boris by Charlotte Evans

Charlotte’s Dad is the most important man in the country (allegedly). 

12 mins

Twitter/Instagram @charlitevs

Fruity by Anna Mouzouri

A lesbian is plagued with thoughts of fruit whenever she attempts to masturbate

5 mins

Twitter @mouzourianna

Instagram @annamouzouri

Tregoynt Community Radio by Sian Esther Powell

Tune into Tregoynt Community Radio for the latest updates from Cornish Fairy Folk

9 mins

Instagram @celtic_sian

Twitter @SianEsther 

Noise by David Torre

Gary is on a quest to liberate his brain from the internet’s endless stream of useless content. 

3 mins 

Instagram:  @daybiz

Burp by Skot Wilson

Meet Will. Will is a climate scientist. And we need to talk about cow burps.  

15 mins

Twitter @skot_wilson 

Instagram @iamskotwilson 

Wood for the Trees by Simon Dawson

When four retirees realise they are lost in the woods, Carol attempts to use her new smartphone to find a way out of the darkness, inadvertently beginning a social media live stream instead.. 

5 mins

Facebook  simon.dawson.14 

Instagram -createstudiosdigital 

Twitter @create_studios

Mind-full-ness by Isabelle Fitzgerald

A comedy about trying to find a moment of peace in a world which constantly demands our attention.  

5 mins

Twitter @IzzyFitzG/@slackjawtheatre 

No Flowers Please by Sravya Bhupatiraju

In a surreal hospital nearing collapse, a teenage patient struggles to discern reality from dream

14 mins