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In Perpetuum dir. Miranda Mackay 2020

A selection of fantastic fiction…


Voodoo in my Heart by Elias Williams

After a zombie bites her, Emily is forced to find peace with her imminent fate. 

5 mins

twitter/instagram/Facebook @eliasxwilliams

Canopy by Nick Havergal

A young man logs in to the digital memorial of his mother for the first time. 

15 mins

twitter @NickHavergal 

Luna in the Dark by Hyunju Lee

A young girl tries to shield herself in a fantasy world to avoid her traumatic reality. 

4 mins

instagram @hyunjuthestoryteller 

Burn Your Wishes by Zia Holloway

A council estates last originals come together for their final fireworks celebration. 

10 mins

NAKATO by Mevis Birungi

NAKATO explores the complexity of domestic violence and a young woman’s desire to escape the situation, despite all the societal barriers against her.  

7 mins

instagram: @nakatofilm 

Trigger Warning: contains discussion of domestic violence

Anchor by Eve Wright

Anchor, a coastal-gothic drama, explores the cycle of grief from the loss of a friend to addiction.

10 mins

twitter: @artfulscribeuk

instagram: @artfulscribeuk

Trigger Warning: contains discussion of suicide

In Perpetuum by Miranda Mackay

A gamer organises a virtual funeral for her brother in an unstable video game.  

6 mins

instagram: @m1randathepanda