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The Gift by Laura-Beth Crowley

More compelling drama from across the South West


Scarfe Point by Noah Feasey-Kemp

Somewhere on the British coast, there’s an old hotel crumbling into a windswept, barren beach where tragic events unfold…  

12 mins

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The Gift by Laura-Beth Cowley

The Gift is about witchcraft, menstruation and the power women hold within.  

3 mins

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The Night Air by Brad Crowley

A plague doctor is haunted by apocalyptic visions after he fails to save a patient 

15 mins

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ReRouting by Josh Dunford

Virtual spaces collide as a routine taxi ride takes an alternative route. 

5 mins

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Of Wessex by Saskia Black

After discovering she can travel in time, Scarlett retreats to her childhood in the 1990s.  

11 mins

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Vlogger by Eleanor Hope-Jones

A vlogger starts a live Q&A, but as the questions get personal, things breakdown. 

6 mins

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