Interactive Commissions

Focus for Round 4: TBC
Support Package: up to £18k
Number of commissions available in Round 4: 2

For the interactive commissions we’re looking to develop ideas and experiences that are, fresh, innovative and that reflect in some way on the experience of living in modern Britain. Each Round has a particular focus on certain technologies, we’ll be announcing Round 4 early next year, please check back for more details.



What Is Interactive Art?

Interactive art invites the audience to take part. In interactive art viewers are no longer passive onlookers, they’re encouraged to participate in the realisation or completion of the work.

There are many different forms of interactive art ranging from interactive dance, music, theatre, film and gaming. Technology is giving us more powerful tools and asks us to interact with each other and the world in new and exciting ways. From projection mapping on buildings and 360 domes, augmented games on your phone, to binaural audio trails, we are experiencing an explosion of interactive experiences, in galleries, theatres, online, at festivals and out and about on our streets.

We’re looking for work that explores interactive technologies in new and exciting ways.


What Type of Ideas Are We Looking For?

For New Creatives, we want to see proposals for fresh, innovative short films, audio and interactive media that reflect in some way on the experience of living in modern Britain.

The ideas can be serious, comedic, absurd, challenging, provocative or abstract.

We’re looking for you to push the boundaries on what constitutes art, make people think, and encourage new ways of understanding the world and ourselves.

Relevance: the ideas and themes that really matter to you and your community – however you might define it.

‘Talkability’: shareable content that gets people talking.

Timeliness: ideas that impact people’s lives here and now.

Originality: Content that innovates and hasn’t been seen this way before.

What Is Included In The Support Package?

If application is shortlisted you’ll receive initial development support through training and professional guidance before your work is sent to the BBC Panel for review.

If selected for commissioning then you’ll receive a support package of up to £18k (depending on the complexity of the work), which includes:

Mentor: A dedicated industry professional who’ll be able to support you throughout the process as a springboard to share your creative thoughts and to demystify the technical process. They’ll be able to help raise the production value of your interactive work and tap you into their networks.

Executive Producer: There will be Executive Producer from Calling the Shots assigned to your project to feedback at key stages and help push your work to be the best it can be, their role is to consider potential audiences. As well as additional input from our partners at Watershed and the South West Creative Technology Network.

Production: You will receive a production budget to cover costs such as fees for developers, designers, writers or other creative contributors. This will allow you to produce content at a high production value and create working prototype of your concept. The Calling the Shots team will also be able to offer ongoing production support.

Exhibition & Showcasing: Once you’ve created your prototype you’ll have the opportunity to test it out with audiences. We’ll work with you and our partners to find the best platform for you to showcase the prototype and make sure this is both an engaging event for audiences and a test space for your concept.

Application Process

Application and Shortlisting

Submit your application via the Submittable form before the deadline date.

Your application will be reviewed by Calling the Shots (CTS) and if shortlisted you will receive professional training and development for your idea.

To be a shortlisted New Creative does not guarantee that you will move on to the commissioning stage.

Training and Development

You will receive 3 days training with one of our six New Creative Hubs across the South West region (whichever is closest to you). The sessions will cover ideas development, training in interactive technologies, and self-branding and marketing.

You will develop your idea further with the guidance of your New Creative Producer in one-on-one sessions.

Developed ideas (along with a production budget and schedule) are reviewed by a panel of BBC Arts and Calling the Shots executives, and the best ones are commissioned.


Each commissioned New Creative will receive a support package, these are variable depending on the scale and ambition of the work.

Your New Creative Producer will assign you with a professional Mentor who will support you both technically and editorially to produce your prototype.

From signing the artist agreement, you will have 3-4 months in production to create a prototype.

Broadcast and Distribution

The prototype is considered delivered when it is exhibited to the public under the new strand, BBC Introducing Arts, which will showcase and introduce new artistic talent from across the UK.

Calling the Shots will also be showcasing the work via events and festivals across the South West.