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Before We Disappear by Asmaa Jama

Before We Disappear is an interactive piece that comes from our embodied experience, of being watched, seen, observed and not being able to control that gaze. It came from thinking about how to subvert that. 

instagram/facebook asmaa_floats 

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Hairy Hands FM by Hannah Parsons and Joe Strickland

Hairy Hands FM is an on-demand survival horror audio experience, lasting around 20 minutes. The audience phone a local radio show to take part in a contest but, just before they get on the air, they have to listen to the local legends show, hosted by Sarah and Trevor. Just before the show wraps up, the Hairy Hands attack the studio and then start coming after you. With only the surviving radio host to help guide you, will you be able to avoid, and eventually destroy, the hands? 

instagram: @chronicinsanitytheatre/@hannah_theatre_tech  

Facebook: @chronicinsanitytheatre 

Twitter: @CITheatre 

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The Sonosynthesiser by Emily Sorrell

The Sonosynthesiser’ is a tool which harmonises far-off and forgotten soundscapes. Using a hand-held device, users can hunt for, locate and amplify fragments of archived sound from as far back as 1907, exploring echoes of worlds which may no longer even exist.

twitter @emdoesdesign

instagram @emilydoesdesignsometimes

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Vince Prototype 1.0 by Vince Baidoo

Vince Baidoo’s commission evolved from a plan to create a 360 degree dome-based dance experience into an exploration of haptics and holograms, but throughout remaining true to Vince’s commitment to challenging dominant ideas of the representation of black bodies in the virtual world.

instagram @southblessed

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