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Spectrum dir. Bakani PickUp

Some pressing topics explored creatively…


These Lines That Divide Us by Cameron Stolber and Will Harrison

What do you think when you see the St. Georges cross? 

8 mins

instagram @cameronstolber /@will_harrison_909 

I Want to be Good by Millie Wood-Downie

Millie explores the concept of “being good” through different stages of female growth 

10 mins

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instagram @milliewooddownie

Wounds by Ella McDonald

“Wounds” is a poetic dance film that exposes invisible forms of domestic abuse.  

5 mins

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We Don’t Know What to Tell You, Clearly It’s Just Weight Related by Sian Keen

Sharing the experiences of Devon women around body shaming and body stigma in medical appointments and their long term effects. 

11 mins

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instagram @Sianalexk 

Blodeuwedd’s Gift by Efa Blosse-Mason

An animated poetry film that retells a Welsh folktale from a female perspective. 

3 mins

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instagram @efabm

Hidden in the Hills by Chris Baker

Stories from isolated young people who’ve grown up in rural Cornwall.  

5 mins

We are the Sky by Amber-Ruth Watson

A rare moment between mother and daughter. 

8 mins

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instagram @amber_ruths_truth

Trigger Warning: discussion of sexual violence

The Night by Holly Bond

Locked in a bathroom at a party, three friends argue over the safest way to get home.

12 mins

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Spectrum by Bakani Pick-Up

Offering a glimpse into the spectrum of Black masculinity… 

4 mins

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