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Breadline dir. Helena Middleton 2020

More insights into modern Britain…


We Got It Easy by Elise martin and Jess Bartlett

Sophie and a group of teenagers explore their battles with period poverty, cat-calling, body shaming and mental health issues that stem from the toxic obsession with social media… all whilst starring in their own musical. 

5 mins

instagram @JessBFilm/@elise_films  

A Shanty for Cornish Youth by Taran Spalding-Jenkin

Through poetry, interviews and music, we explore the Cornish brain drain, the emigration of young minds looking for opportunities elsewhere, and whether they can keep hold of their identity in their new environment. 

12 mins

instagram: @thecornishwriter 

twitter: @kernowfiction 

Still to Come by Tilly Washer

Exploring the opinions, worries and stresses of young people about when trying to decide their futures so young. 

5 mins

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instagram Tilzwasher 

Trigger Bang by Issy Franklin and Ravi Doubleday

Cancel Culture spreads chaos through the lives of three people that never meet. 

8 mins

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instagram @issyfranklin/@ravi.doubleday

Believe in Us by the WILD Project

Believe in Us explores parenthood through the eyes of 5 young mothers in Cornwall.

5 mins

Instagram: @wildyoungparentsproject

Facebook: @wildyoungparentsproject

Twitter: @WildProject1

Fashion Show by Okori McCalla

An abstract metaphorical depiction of my perspective on the “black experience” that was, I guess somewhat ironically, inspired by high end fashion 

5 mins

instagram @okorithedirector/@irokouno  

twitter  @irokouno 

Black Boys Cry by Prince Taylor

A collection of audio stories that attempt to challenge the social representation of Black Men, by painting a fuller picture of our emotional experience 

8 mins

facebook @will.o.taylor

Breadline by Helena Middleton

Although the UK is the seventh richest country in the world, many people struggle to afford food. Breadline is a dance/movement film about food poverty.   

6 mins

instagram @helenamiddletonfilm 

twitter  @hssmiddleton