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I Dance Best With You dir. Diwas Dewan 2019

See things from a different angle…


BLAST! by Roseanna Anderson & Joshua Ben-Tovim

BLAST! takes its cue from the growth of radical ideologies and modern art in London, 1914. 

5 mins

instagram: @__impermanence__/ 

facebook: @IDT2011/@roseanna.anderson.9/@josh.bentovim 

Pregnant Pause by Isobel Adderley

I have a smaller version of myself, inside my tubes, inside my veins, inside my bones, nestled in the marrow

9 mins

instagram @isobel_adderley 

facebook @isobel.adderley 

Spectrum by Harry Burbidge

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2002, Harry Burbidge undergoes the most dramatic change in his life… Secondary School. 

10 mins

instagram @spectrum_audio/@harry burbidge 

facebook @harry.burbidge.92

Stitching, Kneeling by Isabelle Mooney

Painstakingly cross stitched over many hours, there are kneelers for any occasion, any person, any time; whether they be in remembrance, celebration, faith, or community 

4 mins

facebook @izzy.mooney.9

Built to Order by Rachael Brown and Jessica Spiegler

Are our cities designed to keep some in and others out?  

10 mins

instagram @green_spiegz/@rachgreyhound 

twitter @jess_jaye/@RachGreyhound

Trademarkestate by Tom Walshe

From mundane vehicle to mutinous monument of rebellion, a car recounts its life…

4 mins

instagram @_tom.roy

facebook @Tom Walshe

The Glass Watch by Finn Dovey

A psycho-geographic folktale set on the banks of Britain’s canals 

14 mins

instagram @finnian.dovey


I Dance Best With You by Diwas Dewan

A short performance all about not being able to recognise when one becomes two…

5 mins

facebook @diwas.dewan.1