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Dinah dir. Pierre Nyongira 2020

New thinking about where we live


Rory’s Alternative Guide to Tehidy Woods by Rory Bray Harper

A psychedelic journey through the woods and…around the world. 

6 mins


Dinah by Pierre Nyongira

Inspired by the true story of Dinah Black, a Bristolian runaway slave in 1687.

6 mins

instagram @TheDinahFIlm

11 Minutes (Bristol Time) by Ryan O’Shea

The fascinating history of a 200 year old clock ticking in the heart of Bristol.  

11 mins

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twitter @ROSheaTheatre 

On the Rock by Jaime Lock

Experience the Isles of Scilly through the minds of young people who live there. 

11 mins

instagram @jfranceslock  

twitter @jfranceslock 

Elver by Tom Ridley & Isla Badenoch

The story of the mythical Elver and its secretive hunter explored in dance and sound 

4 mins

instagram: @islabadenoch/@eatbugse/@besofty

Agan Geryow Yw Kana Hwath (Our Words Sing Still) by Florence Browne

Exploring young people’s attitudes towards Cornish and giving the Kernowek language a space as a living part of contemporary British culture.

10 mins

instagram @florence__browne 

facebook @Florence Browne 

Scapelands by Naomi Turner & Katie Beard

The divide between urban environments and rural areas is both physical and psychological.  

4 mins

facebook @naomi.turner.18/@katrina.beard 

instagram @lemoonproductions

How the Ocean Changed Me by Penny Gunter

When surfing changes your life…What do you gain and what do you leave behind? 

8 mins

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twitter @PennyJGunter 

Lido by Michael Eddy

Huxley journeys through memory and reality to find what he is looking for… 

5 mins

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A Toast to the Old Apple Tree by Hannah Earl

Exploring the ancient tradition of wassailing, it’s place in modern Britain and the juxtaposition this creates…

9 mins

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New Pastoral by Lily Green

What does nature poetry sound like when it reflects people of colour’s experiences? 

14 mins

instagram @nobindingsproject 

twitter @nobindings/@lilytgreen