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Bridging the Gap by Nina Ross

People we know, people we’ve met…


Bridging The Gap by Nina Ross

A young woman grapples with the boundaries between her internal delusions and her everyday life.   

6 mins

instagram @Instamegs_art/@ninitchka_ 

Trigger Warning: contains discussion of suicide and mental health issues

Living in a Box by Xander Mavor

At 26, Max lives alone in a caravan five miles outside Fort William, manages university pressures whilst fighting for settled status, yet he’s happier than he’s ever been. 

15 mins

facebook @zander.mavor

To My Younger Self by Owen Astles

A young man recounts the traumatic experiences of incarceration he experienced as a child. 

4 mins

twitter/instagram @owainastles

Dad Project by Alex Doble

Through snippets of old home movies and new clips of his long-suffering father, Alex celebrates a true grownup in his life. 

10 mins

Bud by Darcey Jane Ball

Part truth, part fiction: bud is a short audio drama about a daughter’s struggle to be a mother to her mother. 

10 mins

instagram @darceyball

It Starts With A Thumb by Peter Eason Daniels

What can we learn from a stranger from a single roll of 35mm film? 

4 mins

instagram: @peter.easondaniels

Mama by Katz Laszlo

Mama is a sonic memoir of an evolving mother-daughter relationship on a Wiltshire walk home.   

12 mins

instagram @kzlvh

twitter @kzlvh 

Rewinding Time: Connecting Through Cassette by Alfie Skinner

A teenager discovers his parent’s taped love letters, recorded when they were his age. 

11 mins

instagram @alfieskinner.creates 

twitter @AlfieSkinner1 

Powerless by Laura Byng

Powerless explores the story of a homeless person and their phone.

6 mins

Guns in my House by Ella Turner

A father and daughter discuss growing up with guns in the family home.

8 mins

instagram @elloellabean  

twitter @elloellabean