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Carbon Copy dir. Jade Ayino 2020

Processing experience…


Backbone by Xenia Glen

A teenager struggles to hide her back brace in an attempt to appear ‘normal’. 

8 mins

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Why are we like that? Love gone wrong by Ife Grillo

Exploring why people are bad at love through powerful and comedic poetry

13 mins

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Embracing Wild Waters by Mattie O’Callaghan

A poetic immersion into wild, cold waters. 

5 mins

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Carbon Copy by Jade Ayino

A film inspired by a collection of self-written poems that directly comment on experiences growing up as a Black woman within modern Britain

5 mins

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19th February by Thom Hobbes

Some say that grief comes in waves, but that would suggest a rhythm, making it predictable and identifiable as, grief. I feel no rhythm in my grief for the loss of my mother to Cancer. 

9 mins

instagram @thom-creates-stuff/@thom-hobbs 

Unknown Home by Ngaio Anyia

Ngaio’s search for identity is told through spoken word & interviews from Nigeria. 

15 mins

instagram @ngaioamusic 

twitter: @ngaioanyia 

We Are Just a Bunch of Misfits by Misfits Theatre Group

Documentary exploring the ‘Misfits’ poets, a learning disabled poetry group. 

8 mins

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