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Bitch dir. Lowri Roberts 2020

Music and poetry from the South West


Dying to Live by Delano Gyasi Gournet-Moore

Multi-layered narratives probe and explore the experience of a young black man growing up in Bristol, UK

5 mins

facebook/instagram/twitter  @Jasi.two 

spotify @Jasi 

youtube @Jasi  

The New Wild West by Tom Stockley

An experimental documentary exploring life, loss and love in Knowle West, Bristol. 

10 mins

instagram/twitter  @tstheidiot 

Desert Town Landings by Tenaya Steed

Two friends meander through a day as mysterious objects unknowingly fly over town 

6 mins

instagram @tenayasteed 

Creatures of the Rave by Eve Piper

An immersive narration of a night spent at an illegal rave…

10 mins

twitter @evepipez

instagram @msvispera

The Free by Angus Django Allison

Whilst hitchhiking to a rave, Alex becomes more interested in Ruby than the party. 

6 mins

instagram @angus_django 

 twitter: @AngusDjango 

(Breathe) (Wave) by Elinor Lower

A soundscape that absorbs human noise into the mythic world of the wild coast, and invites you to slow down, reflect, and take a breath 

7 mins

instagram/facebook @elinorlower

Sick by Freddy King

Stuck in the monotonous cycle of working every day and hating his job as a postman, this piece focuses on a woman Freddy met whilst on his round and how it made him consider his perspective. 

7 mins

instagram @freddy_king

Bitch by Lowri Roberts

From dog to diva, Bitch explores the reclamation of the word ‘bitch’. 

4 mins

instagram @lowrir 

twitter @lowriemily