New Creatives is an exciting talent development scheme that offers commissioning opportunities for emerging artists to create new work in film, audio or interactive media, designed for BBC platforms.

Calling the Shots is running the New Creatives project for the South West region, working with partner organisations Somerset Film (Bridgwater), Kaleider (Exeter), Create Studios (Swindon), Screen Cornwall (Redruth) and Watershed (Bristol).


Who can apply?

We’re looking for South West-based creatives between the ages of 16-30 who want to develop their original idea into a professional short film, audio or interactive media work.

New Creatives can come from any arts background: dancers, actors, performers, musicians, writers, film makers, comedians, visual artists, animators, poets, storytellers, games designers and non-arts backgrounds

You don’t need experience in film, audio or interactive to apply.

We positively encourage applications from artists of all backgrounds, identities, abilities and cultures.



What kind of ideas are we looking for?

We want to see proposals for fresh, innovative short films, audio and interactive media that reflect in some way on the experience of living in modern Britain.  The ideas can be serious, comedic, absurd, challenging, provocative or abstract.  We’re looking for you to push the boundaries on what constitutes art, make people think, and encourage new ways of understanding the world and ourselves. Think differently and steer away from existing forms like pure journalism or current affairs documentary.






Who is involved in the New Creatives project?

This is a unique partnership between the BBC, Arts Council England and five creative media production organisations across England, Calling the Shots (South West), ICA (London), Screen South (South East), Tyneside Cinema (The North) and the Rural Media Company (Midlands).

Keep in Touch

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We’re committed to making New Creatives accessible to everyone of all abilities. If you require any of this information or the application form in a different format, email us or phone on 0117 930 0141.